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Business Capstone Assessment 4): Individual Presentation (20%)
Summary of Individual Presentation
The Individual Presentation will be a reflection piece on your personal experience within the Executive Team of your Company. It will revolve around two key areas: 1) Self-Reflection of Learning within the Capstone Business Simulation, and 2) Analysis of the Team Dynamics.
A short and engaging individual presentation of 3-4 minutes (4 minutes maximum) is required.
Students are encouraged to explore various ways of creating a professional online presentation. This may involve using media enhancements in the presentation, if appropriate.
The presentation is expected to be formal in nature, but please note: A formal presentation does not equal a boring presentation! Do not let the word ‘formal’ stifle your creativity when presenting; interaction and creativity in your presentation are encouraged. You are expected to use the skills you have learnt over the course of your degree to keep the audiences interest.
The presentation must be conducted in one of two different ways:
1) Live to your tutor in-class (for those still attending class) or using Blackboard
Collaborate (for those in an online class) during each students scheduled seminar 12 (the last seminar of the semester), or
2) Pre-recorded and uploaded to a free viewing platform (such as YouTube, TikTok etc.) where a login is NOT required and a link to view your presentation can be provided to the tutor.
Whichever presentation method is chosen by students, the due date and time remains as the beginning of each students scheduled seminar 12 (the week of 2-6 November, 2020).
Students who choose the pre-recorded option are expected to have a webcam, therefore it is strongly recommended students use their webcam whilst presenting. A webcam is not compulsory, but a look at the Individual Presentation Rubric will highlight its value.
Refer to the Individual Presentation Rubric (20%).pdf in Blackboard Assessments 4) Individual Presentation (20%) for details of the allocation of marks for the Individual Presentation.
Requirements for Individual Presentation
1) Introduction
• Introduce yourself.
• Specify your Capstone Business Simulation Company.
• Outline the purpose of the presentation.
2) Self-Reflection of learning within the Capstone Business Simulation
These are some SUGGESTED areas that can be covered (do NOT attempt to cover them all):
• Was I confident in my knowledge of running a business before starting the unit?
• What did I know about Finance/Marketing/Production and/or running a business before starting the unit?
• Did I under- or over-estimate the effect that changes in one area of a company has on other areas of a company?
• How did I approach learning new things?
• Did I go in with an open or closed mind? Was it beneficial or detrimental?
• What was my personal approach to the unit?
• Did the changes in structure of the unit (online learning) affect my engagement with the unit?
• What could/should I have done differently?
• Have I learnt anything that I can take with me to the workforce?
• Did I enjoy the unit?
3) Analysis of the Team Dynamics
These are some SUGGESTED areas that can be covered (do NOT attempt to cover them all):
• How many people were in my team?
• Was I aware of any research on group formation processes?
• Was there a leader within my team? Why/why not?
• Did the group become a team or remain a set of individuals?
• How were the roles within the team allocated?
• Were the group meetings effective? Why/why not?
• What was the biggest hurdle the team faced?
• What could/should I have done differently within my team?
• What could/should have been better within the team?
• How could/should I have made my team better?
• Did the group have any fun (at any time throughout the semester)?
4) Conclusion
• Summarise the key points of the presentation.
References are NOT required for the presentation.
Students are expected to be sensitive to other students’ feelings. At all times students should not personally criticise fellow students. Rather the focus should be on the company and team as a whole. The presentation must remain objective. Any personal criticism will not be tolerated, in the (online) classroom nor in the workplace. Refer to the Student Charter for information about Curtin’s Values of Integrity, Respect, Courage, Excellence and Impact.
EVERY student is required to upload an electronic copy (e.g. PowerPoint slides, Prezi link, etc.) of the presentation in Blackboard Assessments 4) Individual Presentation (20%) Company Presentation - Submission before the presentation in Seminar 12.