Recent Question/Assignment

2,000 words (written component) and 1-page flyer/infographic
Developing a Portoflio of learning will allow you to better engage with the content of the unit, analyse academic evidence specific to your profession and reflect on how you will develop your communication skills to better address the needs of your clients, patients or community.
You work for an organization who employs [YOUR SPECIFIC PROFESSION]. Your organization could be a private practice, a school, a government health district, a non-government organization, or business. In a review of the performance of the organization, communication (verbal, non-verbal, and written) was identified as an area needing improvement, including communication within teams, communication with clients/patients/students, and communication with the general public. Poor communication has resulted in several poor client/patient/student outcomes. As part of the performance review, several concerns related to communication were identified, and have been divided into two areas, as noted in the table below.