Recent Question/Assignment

1 - Identify at least two best practice principles for each of the 4 management functions of Hanning, Organising, trading, and Controlling
2 Select an engineermg company (or one with engineering focus) and conduct research on the company m relation to Ki performance against identified principles in step 1.
3. Analyse the findings and identify possible strengths and weaknesses A. Provide recommendations for improvement
Group Report (20%)
1. Write a 15-20 page (4,000 word) report addressed to the executive management of the engineering company which has the following:
• Section 1: Introduction
• Section 2: Company background and description
• Section 3: Research findings
• Section 4 Analysis of the comp,n/s policies and procedures
• Section 5: Best-practices
• Section 6: Company strengths and weaknesses
• Section 7: Recommendations
• Section 8: Challenges and lessons learnt
• Section 9: Engineers Australia Stage 1 Professional Competencies you have met in completing this task, the extent and justification for your claims.
See Appendix 4 for Assessment 3 Group Report Marking Rubric.
Oral presentation (10%)
Deliver a 15 minute group oral presentation to the executive management of the engineering company. Each member of the group is to present a separate section. The aim of the presentation Is to:
• Synthesise key information from the report;
• Overview the strengths and weaknesses of the company's management practices; and,
• Provide recommendations for improvement.