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Format: Prepare a report that outlines the activities and organisational practices of community organisations.
Length: 1,200 words
Curriculum Mode: Report
The aim of this assignment is for you to research and explore the ways in which the concepts of community manage¬ment covered in this unit are applied in the practices of community organisations.
the activities and practices of two (2) community organisations, and prepare a report that outlines the key issues to their operation including:
1. What is the community that they aim to serve?
2. How and why did they come to be established?
3. How do they describe their purpose?
4. What activities do they undertake?
5. How is the governance and management organised to reflect their service to community?
6. How do they resource their activities?
7. What are the important issues that these organisations need to address for their future sustainability.
A minimum of five (5) references are to be cited. These are in addition to any references sourced from the
community organisations researched for the report (eg. websites, annual reports)
This essay is to draw from the course reading materials, as well as additional resources that are located through your research.

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