Recent Question/Assignment

Submission: vUWS Turnitin - use the ’SUBMIT’ tab on vUWS
Format: A formal briefing paper written to the responsible State or Commonwealth Minister.
Length: 1200 words
Curriculum Mode: Report
Identify a marginalised group in Australia and a social policy that may apply to this group. The Carson and Kerr text can will be helpful here.
Use the following five headings to structure your briefing paper. An approximate word count for each section is a guide only.
1. TO THE MINISTER OF ( title and government )
Who is the Minister responsible for this policy area, State or Commonwealth Government?)
2. PROPOSAL (1 or 2 sentences)
It is proposed that the following changes be made to the ( of policy) because...
3. BACKGROUND (500 words maximum)
Outline of the relevant social policy. Explain the current situation and why change or no change is needed. De¬fine key terms here as appropriate i.e. ’marginalised’, ’poverty’, ’exclusion’, ’disadvantage’ etc. Only define key terms that apply to your Use statistical information from credible sources, working papers, journal articles, books etc.
4. DISCUSSION (500 words maximum)
Discuss the impact of change/no change to policy. Include primary and secondary resources, and anecdotal evidence as appropriate.
5. RECOMMENDATIONS (100 words)
It is recommended that:
(use dot-points, a minimum of 3 dot-points).