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Online 1
Within your groups, read the following article and provide a 600 word summary (+-10%).
Submit the summary as part of your portfolio at the end of the semester, within your portfolio document.
Predictive analytics using big data for increased customer loyalty: Syriatel Telecom Company case study
Online 3
Within your groups, from the following book, choose one of the articles and summarise it in 500 words.
Submit your summary as part of your portfolio assignment.
Book: httDs:// c?
In your submission document, please make sure you mention the title of the article you have chosen.
Online 5
Within your groups, find two articles that use regression model and in no more than 1000 words discuss and summarise how those two articles have used regression models.'
Search in:
Online 7
Within in groups, choose one of the following articles and provide a summary of 500 -1000 words. In your summary discuss how the authors are using kNN.
Online 9
Within your groups, 1) Search the following keywords (and also any other keywords you think is relevant/useful) on Scopus, 2) Find research articles that are introducing an improved variation to either k-means or hierarchical clustering, 3) summarise your findings in 700 to 1200 words (+-10%).
• Scopus:
• kmeans keywords: kmeans++; improved kmeans; kmeans variations OR
• Hierarchical keywords: improved hierarchical clustering: hierarchical clustering variations: single linkage clustering OR
• Any keywords you think can be useful.