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Assessment 2 | Case-Study
• The case-study will be on a communicable disease in a given jurisdiction. Students are expected to address the different scales of disease, from the microbial, transmission and spatial patters and examining the importance of cultural, political, physical, environment and social factors in the population’s epidemiologic profile (multi-level model).
• Through the integration of the main concepts discussed in class and mastering critical and creative thinking, students are expected to debate the societal and political complexities of health and disease.
• The class presentation on the selected communicable disease and jurisdictions will take place early September.
McCracken & Phillips 2012
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Demonstrates learning outcomes
Using a multidisciplinary analytical approach (multi-level approach), students have to describe a self-chosen global health case-study, and examine how it is defined and constructed in the global health. Specific directions for the assignment will be posted in the beginning of the teaching period. Maximum 3000 words.