Recent Question/Assignment

Task 1.1 – Group activity
Create a Project Management Plan using the provided template. This project management plan will consist of all the components and instructions you will need to be able to undertake your project. The project management plan will consist of the following sections:
a. Reason for the project (including the project objectives)
b. Project sponsor name and details for sign off
c. How the project will be managed, including plans for providing staff support.
d. Project quality requirements and plan
e. Who the stakeholders are for the project and what power/authority they may have in the project.
f. The scope of the project and the plan for managing this scope including scope change processes.
g. This document will also include your
i. project schedule ii. communication plans including your stakeholder management plans, iii. project deliverables and milestones iv. Project assumptions and constraints v. project budget vi. project resource requirements vii. expected project risks and issues and how these will be managed.
Task 1.2. – Individual activity
Answer the following questions. This task can only be completed individually and your answers should be no less than 40 words per question.
h. For maximum efficiency you will need to ensure all your team members understand their responsibilities and positions. What action will you take to guarantee their understanding? Explain.
i. Some furniture that is being reused is heavy and difficult to move. What support or training will you provide for your workers with to ensure they remain safe and that all WHS requirements are met?
j. What outcomes do you expect to achieve with the completion of this project? Give explanations.
k. The office manager who has assigned you to the project has asked you to keep strict records of the project costs and all financial records for the project. What financial records do you need to keep and how do you check them for accuracy?
l. One of your project team is unhappy that they are going to be asked to help move the furniture at the start of the project to allow for the refurbishment to take place. How might you resolve this problem? (give examples)
m. You are nearing the end of your project, the renovation and refurbishment is almost complete and the office is starting to look a lot more welcoming. What documentation might you need to complete in the closure phase of the project and who would you need to receive sign off from? Outline this process.
n. On completion of the project when all the work is done, you will need to conduct a project review. Who needs to be involved in this review and what will be their involvement/input? Give explanations.
o. What obstacles might you have had to overcome during the project? Reflect on how you would have dealt with these obstacles and provide at least 3 examples.
Assessment Task 3 - Manage project finalisation activities
This task must be completed individually
Instructions to complete this assessment task:
Your project is now successfully completed, the builders have left and the office is now fresh and feeling very new. It was delivered 19 days after the contractual delivery date due to the delay in the new carpet being delivered, illness of one of the builders for 1 week due to influenza and the fact that painting of the walls took longer than expected due to problems with the previous (old) paint.
As the Project Manager you must perform the following project finalisation activities:
Task 3.1 List the various project finalisation activities and allocate each activity to the relevant stakeholders who are responsible to complete those activities.
Task 3.2 The project is now coming to an end and you have been given approval by the project sponsor to start the closure activities for the project. As the project manager one of the activities you will perform is releasing your project team from the project for them to either return to their external agencies or, in the case of permanent Baldrick, Black, Adder & Partners staff, return to their usual positions.
You are required to send an email to let the team members know about the conclusion of the project and in this email you must state that according to the company policy you are giving them 10 days’ notice confirming that the project team is disbanding and team members returned to their other, non-project related positions.
Task 3.3 Send a second email, this time to your project sponsor explaining that the project is now coming to a close and that you are undertaking your project finalisation activities. In this email you will need to clearly explain to your project sponsor the work you are doing to finalise all financial, legal and contractual obligations and what date you will have these completed by. You must then request sign-off of these documents from your project sponsor by return email.
Task 3.4 Prepare a list of lessons learned from this project which can be used in future projects.
What to submit:
• A list of project finalisation activities
• An email written to your project team which confirms that the project is closing and they are being released
• An email to your project sponsor requesting sign off of the finalisation documentation
• A lesson learned table/list