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ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution
Assignment - Complete Pet Care
For this individual assignment, you will use skills acquired through practical laboratory exercises to automate a business process, and to visualize the impact of the automation.
You should use Microsoft Excel (or equivalent open-source software) for this assessment task.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage value of task: 25%
Due: Refer to Course Description
Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
A1. Prepare a basic solution to a business problem;
A2. Select appropriate IT solutions for business functions;
A3. Apply business information software for data visualization and analysis purposes.
S1. Write basic programming logic;
S3. Interpret and construct representations of business data flow and processes; K8. Outline the basic principles of programming.
Assessment Details
For this assignment, you will complete the following set of tasks using Excel, and create a report to describe your work.
Ensure you submit Excel files created for ALL tasks, along with your report. You may use an ePortfolio, a Word document or a PDF for your report submission.
Scenario details
The following scenario is fictional, and not based on any real business. It is also highly simplified, and should not be used as a basis for a real business management system.
Complete Pet Care is a small veterinary clinic, working with domestic companion animals. Mostly they work with dogs, cats, and smaller animals such as hamsters and rabbits.
Complete Pet Care is run by a team of two veterinarians, Aiden and Barbara, and one administrative staff member, Chris.