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Quantitative Method: Individual Assignment (Part 2)
Based on and incorporating the work they have done in assessment 1; students need to work on collecting and analysing data methods for the chosen research problem in this assessment.
In this report, students need to:
? Explain the type of data to be collected
? Recommend a quantitative data collection approach & justify
? Recommend a quantitative data analysis approach & justify
Weighting: 25%
Word count Max. 900 words (excluding cover page, references and appendices)
Submission date: 3rd of November 2020, 23:59 o'clock
Submission type: Turnitin
Format / Layout of Assessment:
? Title Page
0 Introduction
? Body
? Reference List
? Appendices (if applicable)
? Students should follow the APA referencing style to construct the Reference List and in-report citations.