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Question 1
During the university holidays Stephanie, a medical student, works at the Medical Registrations Board branch office in Bathurst, NSW, and has done for the past two years. Stephanie lives in Blayney, NSW and drives half an hour to Bathurst each day for work. Her annual earnings this year are $25,000. The Registration board head has indicated she would like Stephanie to continue working at the Board on graduation with a promotion. This year, due to the increase in the number of medical students graduating this year a branch has been opened in Orange, half an hour’s drive from Bathurst. Stephanie has been required to work in Bathurst each morning and then drive over to Orange for the second half of the day. She then drives straight home to Blayney which is half an hour from Orange.
Whilst working for the Medical Registrations Board Stephanie was also required to travel to each major city in Australia to assist with a system upgrade for the Registration Board and she acquired enough frequent flyer points with Qantas to obtain a free return ticket to the United Kingdom worth $2,000.
Stephanie lives in a flat over a corner store in Blayney where she is available to sign for deliveries to the store at any time, as needed, as the owners of the shop and flat live in Bowral, NSW and this arrangement suits them. She has use of the flat accommodation (worth approximately $15,000.00 per year) for free as long as she does not sub-let the flat or have a flat mate there.
Expenses incurred during the year included:
Dry-cleaning the optional uniform Stephanie had purchased, $1,200.00 being $500.
Travel costs have been $6,000 with the cost associated with travel between being Bathurst and Orange $3,000.00
Books and medical studies related expenses $3,000HECS-HELP debt $60,000.
Advise Stephanie of the taxation consequences of these transactions for the year with reference to statute and case law.
Would your answer be any different if Stephanie received payment of $5,000.00 from the storeowner each Christmas?
This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
• be able to locate and analyse the sources of taxation law in Australia.
• be able to describe and access the Australian regulatory taxation system and compliance regime.
Should be use the PDFs that I attach with this question for cases and section (don't using references from out).
Also note the following style guide:
1. You should use the ILAC style of essay writing for this assignment
2. Do not re-state the question as part of your answer. This often gets repeated in the 'issue' section, however that is incorrect.
3. Use in-text referencing. Do not use footnotes.
4. Names of cases or statutes should be italicised, and followed by the jurisdiction not in italics, for example: Acts Interpretation Act 1901 (Cth). Note the abbreviation for ‘Commonwealth’ is ‘Cth’ not ‘Cwlth’.
5. Do not start a new line simply because you are starting a new sentence.
6. Start each paragraph on a new line, and leave a clear line gap after the preceding paragraph. Don't make your paragraphs too long.
7. You must end your assignment with a bibliography that is divided into three separate parts, listing statutes, cases and books / articles / on-line Modules.