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You are required to build a prototype according to Assignment2-1 in HTML by using Microsoft Expression Web 4 or any other authoring tool.
• Your website should completely and accurately implement the analysis/design in Assignment2-1.
• Your website should be user-friendly according to customer centered design.
• Hyperlinks in your website should be intuitive and functional. While programs for the back-end processing are not required, the site should explain the back-end processes, where appropriate. For example, you designed to include a search function, which allows a visitor to enter keywords and click a button or use the Enter key to activate a search. Although the search function may not actually operate, the site should respond with a dummy search result, or provide an explanation about what happens next.
3. Marking criteria
Category Specific criteria
Understanding of issues Concise and relevant description of the business and customers (5)
Appropriate marketing strategy (5) 15
Logical analysis of technical and social issues
(customer centric design, trust, etc.) (5)
Complete and logical e-commerce solutions
Requirement analysis 10
Appropriate/relevant SWOT analysis and audience analysis (5)
Use of analysis/design Accurate and complete concept map (5)
Accurate and complete story boards (10)
Complete and accurate implementation of design (20)
Effective components (Quality and number of elements for e-commerce) (15)
Website 45
Friendly and workable website (5)
Appealing presentation (widely accepted layout and components) (5)
Authoring skill Capable in using authoring tool (5) 5
Total mark 100

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