Recent Question/Assignment

Frameworks and Protections
This section should contain a comprehensive account of the facts and details of the case, in particular, in relation to the frameworks and organisational and legal protections that would apply in each situation identified above. In this section of the report, you will need to undertake individual research specific to the organisation chosen.
Ensure you include all of the following information in this section of your report for each workplace situation identified:
a) Research the applicable ethical framework(s) that can be applied to ensure effective ethical decision-making, problem-solving and policy setting in each situation. Identify, assess and evaluate at least two (2) factors that may prevent these frameworks from being used.
b) Outline the key legal requirements and ethical dimensions of each situation. In your answer, consider the variances between the two and evaluate the impact of these variances in terms of how it impacts decision making.
c) Using your situations as examples, analyse the difference between ‘ethical’ conduct and ‘compliant/legal’ conduct.
d) What internal and legal protections are available to the organisation that facilitate ethical actions and decision-making? Consider the APES Standards, Codes of Conduct for accounting and bookkeeping, NOCLAR activities, ASIC, ATO and Whistle blower legislation, providing examples as to how these protections can be applied in response to each situation (where applicable).