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• There is much further depth required to meet the criteria on rubrics when you are being asked to critically discuss and critically analyse. This moves beyond merely describing events or processes and requires you to make much deeper links that are supported by theory and evidence-based literature.
° For example, you may include the pathophysiology of a disease process, but unless you can explain the link between the patient and their conditions, this does not demonstrate sufficient critical analysis or understanding
• Your discussion needs to utilise high quality academic sources to support your arguments, and refrain from using consumer websites
• Avoid text heavy slides which can detract from the meaning being presented on the slide. Stick to your main points (e.g., 3-5 points per slide), and verbally explore the points further.
• Try to use diagrams, pictures/images or schematics which can break the slides up, as well as aid visual learners. However, these need to be relevant to the discussion
• Ensure all slides and diagrams are referenced
• Consider the use of an appropriate font type, colour and size to ensure ease of reading for the audience.
• Proof read your work for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or issues with punctuation. Remember, this is a piece of academic writing and needs to be at a high standard.
Oral presentation:
• Avoid simply reading from your notes/slides
• Ensure your discussion flows logically, i.e. you should still introduce your presentation, the discuss your main arguments and then finish off with a conclusion
• Be succinct but include everything that you need to include. Remember, you have a time limit and you do not get the option to deliver your information in another capacity
• Practice, practice, practice, and only start recording when everything is ready to go and you are confident
Please refer to the marking guide and rubric on page 15 of the NRSG265 unit outline for more information and guidance.
If you have any questions about the assessment, please post it on Assessment questions discussion forum on your campus tile.

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