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Description and Marking Guide
Both Assignment 1 a and 1 b are worth 20% each (together a total of 40%). You should combine them in one document for your submission. The word count 500-1000 words applies to each part, so in total it you have an upper limit of 2000 words for the whole submission. There is no prescribed template other than the elements mentioned in the documents below and the seminar materials.
In addition to the slide with topic ideas (seminar 1), find some more inspiration about potential -hot- IS research topics under:
Assignment 1a: Preliminary Literature Review:
INF80003 Assignment 1a Description HS2 2020
INF80003 Assignment 1a Marking Sheet HS2 2020
INF80003 Assignment 1a Support Guide HS2 2020
Assignment 1b: Research Problem Definition:
INF80003 Assignment 1b Description HS2 2020
INF80003 Assignment 1b Marking Sheet HS2 2020