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Professional Development Resource - Promoting Best Practice
Due date: 01/09/20 1600 hours
Weighting: 50%
Length and/or format: Education Portfolio/Booklet or Narrated PowerPoint/
Purpose: Students are required to demonstrate their understanding of the Palliative Care approach to healthcare delivery and the promotion
of best practice in the clinical area. Each student will develop a professional development resource to educate peers about an important Palliative Care issue, supported by National Palliative Care Standards. The intended audience for this resource is 3rd year undergraduate students or graduate nurses. Students have the choice of creating an Education Portfolio/Booklet or a Narrated PowerPoint.
Learning outcomes assessed: LO2, LO3. LO4, LO6, LO7
How to submit: Students should upload their Professional Development Resource via Turnitin the submission Drop Box on your campus LEO Tile
Return of assignment: Electronic return of assessment task 3 weeks post the date of submission
Assessment criteria: The assessment will be marked using the criteria-based rubric. Please note that all material needs to be references according to ACU’s referencing guidelines.