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Assessment 1: Individual report
Due date Week 8: Friday, 4 September 2020, 9.00 a.m. NZ Time
Weighting 50%
Type Report
Length 2,300 words (+/- 10%)
Submission Please submit all your assignments electronically (via Blackboard) on the due date. All submissions, once uploaded onto Blackboard will be treated as final and will be the one assessed. Any submission after that time will be subject to late submission penalties. All assignments will automatically be submitted to Turnitin.
Requirements Individual assignment: details of the assignment will be supplied separately on Blackboard.
This assessment must follow the academic integrity guidelines stated in the
Business Programmes Assessment and Study Handbook or the Law Programmes Assessment and Study Handbook and use the required referencing style.
learning goals 1. Be self-aware, critically reflective and ethical international business professionals
2. Be effective thinkers and problem-solvers
3. Be effective communicators (written and oral)
4. Be able to apply international business knowledge to issues in professional international business practice
Paper learning outcomes 1.
2. Critically reflect on and identify ways to categorise regions in Asia.
Critically reflect on and identify unique characteristics of Asian business environments.
3. Define and discuss challenges of operating in Asian markets.
4. Evaluate issues of strategy, market entry, timing, and entry mode choice into Asian markets and by Asian businesses seeking external markets.
5. Identify and evaluate the impacts of Asian companies in local and global competition.