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20 marks per question using the marking guide at the end of the document for each question (unless otherwise stated in the question)
Task 1 (Module 2)
1. Determine the following:
a) What type of information systems could be used in making the decisions (e.g. automated or augmentation IS or both; hint - also look at whether the decision is structured or unstructured to give you clues)
b) State why you think it can/should be used and provide an example of each (using information from the Internet or elsewhere) of the system software or application (state the name of the application, the vendor and provide the URL or the citation/reference): e.g. {Note: this is an example only, it is not a correct answer} – for the xxx decision in part b which is an operational decision, an augmentation IS could/should be used as the decision making process is structured because...... An example of an application that can be used is the Finance Planning module of Oracle Financial Services software ( services/index.html)
I would not expect the answer {excluding references and the question} to part 2 to be more than one A4 page long using 1.15 spacing and size 11 font)
Task 2 (Module 3)
Readings: Text Book (Experiencing MIS), Chapter 3
1. Apply the value chain model to an online business such as Red Balloon. ( What is its competitive strategy Describe the tasks Red Balloon must accomplish for each of the primary value chain activities. How does Red Balloon’s competitive strategy and the nature of its business influence the general characteristics of its information systems?
(I would not expect the answer {excluding references if any and the question} to be more than one A4 page long using 1.15 spacing and size 11 font)
Task 3 (Module 4)
Readings: Text Book (Experiencing MIS), Chapter 5
Create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the following scenario:
A student can enrol in up to 4 units. Student details include student number, name, address, email address and mobile number. An enrolled unit includes the unit number, date of enrolment, semester details, and unit result.
Note that the ERD is worth 5 marks
Your answer should show cardinalities and whether or not the relationship is mandatory/optional. Select suitable attributes for the entities remembering to have unique identifiers (primary keys). Link tables using foreign keys. Show the complete ERD (for entities you need to also indicate attributes [just the name of the headings, not the actual data] and primary/foreign key) in your assignment document. State any assumptions you make about business rules
Q2 Using the Week 4 Tutorial-Lab Manual as a guide create tables in MS Word for each of the entities in the ERD in task Q1 and show them correctly populated with at least 4 records (rows of data) for the one table and at least 12 rows of data for the many table as if they were ready to be input into a database (this means you also need to demonstrate the linkage between the one and many tables).
• •??Design a Form (use MS Word) to input (enter) or change details of students and enrolled units.
• •??Design a query where show a list of all enrolled units for a particular student (you can either draw out [use the figures in the manual as a guide – see section on query) or you can give a written explanation of how you would go about creating this query by describing the steps) .
• •??Design a report (use MSWord and cut & paste from your tables) of a listing by student showing their names and all the details of their units.
Task 4 (Module 6)
Q1 Q2
Readings: Text Book Chapter 7
1. In your own words, explain the characteristic of the business process in Figure 7-8 that most likely caused the missing prospect information. Describe, in general terms, how you think $RU business processes should be changed to prevent such problems.
2. MAN1600 Information Systems for Business is a first year unit which is taught in the bachelor of Business course at Edith Cowan University. Lectures for the unit are delivered by the Unit Coordinator/Lecturer and tutorials/labs are delivered by four tutors, who will also mark the assignments. Every semester, the process for creating the unit plan, and tutorial/lab & assignment questions is as follows:
The unit coordinator/lecturer creates the assignment & lab/tutorial tasks and the unit plan. These are then e-mailed to the tutors in MS Word formats. The tutors will check them for editorial errors (spelling mistakes, wrong dates, etc.) and work through the tutorial/lab and assignment tasks to determine suitability in terms of time and level of difficulty. If there any errors/concerns they will be high-lighted in the documents and e-mailed to the lecturer/unit coordinator, who will then amend the documents. The whole process is repeated until there are no more errors or issues with the documents. The lecturer/unit coordinator will then send the unit plan for printing and put up copies of the unit plan and the tutorial/lab & assignment tasks on blackboard for the unit. The unit coordinator finds that this process is a little cumbersome as sometimes the amendments suggested/asked for by the tutors can be overlooked in the 4 copies of the
document that come back from the tutors and the many versions of the amended documents that go between the lecturer/unit coordinator and tutors.
1. Model the process using BPMN notations showing swim lanes
2. How can the process be improved?
Task 5 (Module 7) 20 marks
Readings: Text Book (Experiencing MIS), Chapter 8; a selected academic journal article, the Library Help sheet provided
For this task, you are to choose one example of WEB 2.0 technology (e.g. any one of the following: Software as a Service [SaaS], Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Social Networking, User Generated Content (UGC), Crowdsourcing). Find one academic journal article and write an essay (minimum 1.5 pages, maximum 2 pages) about the article using the following as a guide (note: if you are not sure about the suitability of the article, speak to your tutor):
Introduction – What is Web 2.0 (also give the various technologies above and say in your own words what they mean e.g. Software as a Service (where companies.....), UGC (this is where....). Why you have selected that particular technology to research (e.g. related to the major you intend to do, it interests you, you use it, etc.)
The body of the essay will be a summary of the article in your own words (2 – 6 paragraphs). This would include things like the purpose of the article (or the research), how the data was gathered, what the authors found.
The conclusion of the essay will be your views on the article (do you agree with the authors – why or why not; do you think it is a good article)
Note: Proper referencing as per ECU guidelines is required.
(The answer {excluding references and the question} should be minimum 1.5 pages and maximum two pages (A4 size) using 1.15 spacing and size 11 font)

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