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Subject Title Property Management
Subject Code PRO220
Assessment Title Assessment 2 – Parkfield
Learning Outcome/s (found in the Subject Outline) 1
Assessment type (group or individual) Individual
Weighting % 20%
Word count 1500 words max
Due day Sunday midnight Week 9
Class submission Lecture ? Tutorial ?
Submission type Turnitin ?
Format / Layout of Assessment
ICMS Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Reference List
Appendices (if required)

Assessment instructions
(See supporting files for full details of the case along with the tenancy schedule)
The Objectives
This assignment will help show students some of the information which needs to be gathered on a commercial centre to aid in decision making.
Identify the “point of difference” of the centre and come up with a strategy to exploit this.
The Challenge
Apply knowledge of the drivers of retail asset performance:
• Evaluate the research/ benchmarks and collate the insights
• Develop a new proposition for the centre – for example:
o Remix
o Redevelop
o Dispose
o Expand
• Draw up a strategic plan to substantiate your recommendation to be presented to the owners. Consider all the factors (in no particular order) necessary to build a compelling case:
o Retail Mix / Precincting
o Positioning / Brand
o Strengths – Weaknesses - Opportunities – Threats
o Strategies & Actions
o Key insights
o Objectives
o Analysis / Performance Assessment
o Environmental Factors
o Community / Shopper / Place
Please use the material in case (factors above) to draw from. The report needs to be original and as such requires your knowledge and application of evidence presented.
Readings for the assessment
See supporting files in moodle under assessment block
Grading Criteria / Rubric o
See table below

Grading Criteria / Rubric Marked using Turnitin rubric fields created as follow:

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