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Assignment 1 CST3009

Due date: 20 Jun,2020
Weighting: 20%
As part of the restructure of management of the business process the management of ABC Organisation is looking at implementing a SAP solution. The problems of mapping the current business process to the SAP systems are well understood and the management feel that they have secured the services of a capable firm to help with the process. However before proceeding with the project the management still have a number of issues they would like to address before proceeding with the planed implementation.
Current system is based on centralised services where all the processing is done on a central IT infrastructure. Most of the systems as they were designed and built in house means that they don’t conform to the usual standard used outside the organisation. As a result there are questions regarding the process of making the data and services work with the SAP.
a) In order to move to the SAP platform the management would like some details on how the transition of the information and services to the industry standard should be implemented. How does SAP access information and services that are not implemented within the SAP framework?
b) One of the problems the ABC organisation has been struggling with is the correct attribution of cost to the production process. The paper based model makes the keeping track of the standard cost of production to the actual cost difficult to manage and trace.
• Explain why is the ability to correctly identify the actual production cost important to an organisation?
• Discuss how variances between standard and actual costs result and how a product cost per unit sold can be calculated?
• Describe why cost variances would be difficult to research in a paper-based system.
Please read the instructions very carefully.
Report Format for Assignment 2
Your report MUST follow the structure for a report, you will not be required to submit the following sections: Glossary or Appendices. You may want to consider the structure of the marking scheme when structuring the body of your report.
Your report must include references where you have used other sources (both in the body text and listed at the end of the report).
• Marks will be deducted for submitted work with missing or incorrect references.
• Work submitted with no references in the body of the report will NOT be accepted.
• Your report must be printed with 1.5 line spacing; at least 12-point font size; and the body of the report should be no more than 12 pages of single-sided A4 paper.
• Penalty will apply for exceeding the due date.
• Assignments not following the report style will be heavily penalised.

Marking guide: assignment 2
Name: ______________________________ Number:________________________
Report Body Maximum marks Marks obtained
ABC Organisation
a) SAP migration and integration
b) Cost Variances description
Identification of costs
Standard and actual Cost
Paper Based Systems 15

Report Structure
Presentation and structure
Use of references 10
Penalty for exceeding due date
–10 marks for every day. Maximum 30 marks
Total marks 100

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