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Network and Information Security
March 2020
Total Marks: 20%
Individual Assignment
The purpose of the assignment is to assess students on the following Learning Outcomes:
LO1: Describe security architecture, standards and protocols, and techniques of risk mitigation relating to network and information security
LO2: Compare and contrast a range of information security risks and privacy issues as well as counter measures adopted in industry
LO3: Identify and explain key features of appropriate technologies and products relating to network and information security
LO4: Model infrastructure, application, operational and information security for a network
LO5: Apply security controls and standard compliance policies to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability, including encryption and firewall defence mechanisms
Assignment Overview
Ian Smith is the CEO of a data analytics company in Melbourne, Australia. Ian Smith requested you to consult them in updating their infrastructure in such a way that it enables their employees to work from home. The employees of analytics company are working with health dataset and they have to comply with the government and international regulations. The company is currently hosting all data sets inside an on premise server. The company has provided company laptops to its employees, in which they do not have administrative privileges.
You also have noticed that, once all the employees are allowed to connect to the on premise from home, the network perimeter devices and WAN links of the company will not be sufficient to handle the load of incoming traffic.
Considering all these factors, you decided to use a public cloud platform and enable most of the employees to access data sets from the public cloud. The senior data scientists are only allowed to access the on premise server. The changes conducted by senior data scientists will be synced with the public cloud.
Task 1: Review the article, “Issues And Challenges of Data Security In A Cloud Computing Environment”, to develop an understanding of the cloud platform and security aspects. The Article is uploaded on the LMS.
Write a report on the article which covers the following points. (300 words):
• Introduction to the paper and main work.
• Detail description of the methodologies employed in the paper.
• Details of security architecture, protocols and risk mitigation techniques used.
• Your comments on the advantages/disadvantages/superiority
Task 2 : Prepare a table which includes information security risks and privacy issues that the company would encounter when they change from their current setup to a setup where most their employees are allowed to access the data sets from a public cloud, and only their senior data scientists are only allowed to access the on premise server. (250 words)
Task 3: Then you should conduct a research on identifying appropriate technologies and products (including the services provided in a public cloud platform) that could be deployed for implementing countermeasures for the risks and issues in the previous task. Write a report which evaluates the features of those identified technologies, products and cloud platform, and explain how it mitigate the information security risks and privacy issues listed in Task 2. (300 words)
Task 4: Draw a detailed network topology diagram and clearly indicate the locations where you would deploy the technologies products and cloud platform discussed in Task 3. (250 words)
Task 5: Draft procedures which would complement the Work from Home policy of this company. You should explain how these procedures will enable the company to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability. (300 words)
__________________________________________________________________________________ Submission Guidelines:
The report should have a consistent, professional, and well-organized appearance.
1. Your report should include the following:
? The cover page must identify student names and the ID numbers, unit details, and the assignment details.
? The assignment must use 12-point font size and at least single line spacing with appropriate section headings.
? In-text referencing in IEEE style must be cited in the text of the report and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list.
2. The report must be submitted in soft (electronic) copy as a Microsoft Word document on the LMS in Turnitin dropbox. Assignments submitted on the LMS will only be accepted.
3. Late penalty applies on late submission, 10% per day would be deducted.
4. The assignments will go through Turnitin and plagiarism penalty will be applied.
The report must be submitted in soft (electronic) copy as a Microsoft Word document via the upload link available on Moodle.
Marking Guide: 100 Marks
Item Description Marks
Report Layout The report style, language and structure should be appropriate. All screenshots and descriptions need to be compiled and in a single final report and any given suggestions need to be incorporated.
The report must contain
i. Cover page with Unit Code, Unit Name, Student
Name and Student ID ii. Table of Contents
iii. Introduction iv. Technical Discussion
v. Critical Analysis vi. Conclusion 5
Introduction The students should include purpose of the report, sections covered which should convince the reader that the report is worth reading. Word count limit – 125 words 10
Discussion This section should include the discussions related to Task 1-5. You should break down this section into five tasks and stick to the guidelines given in those tasks. 70
Conclusion Summarize your findings. Word count limit – 125 words 10
References Should follow IEEE style 5

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1605 words including References

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