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Submission: Soft copy uploaded to Moodle and Tumitin - Word .doc or .docx.
Assessment topic: Climate Change Group Report - The South Pacific Ocean Countries.
Task details:
Assessment Content Description: The principle of sustainability is to ensure that all existing resources will be maintained for future generations. Living sustainably is living within the means of our natural systems or environment and ensuring that our lifestyles don't harm society and or culture.
Assessment Requirement: In a group of a minimum of four or a maximum of five, provide a 2.500- word group report. To complete the report, each student must use a minimum of 4 scholarly references that have been written in the last five years and are credible and reliable. You are to discuss the following in detail with references:
o How is Climate Change effecting the Island countries of the South Pacific?
o Who and/or what is responsible?
o What measures can be taken/are being taken to address the situation?
o Are the North Pacific Ocean countries the same?
Assignment Format: A title page, use the group KOI Cover sheet/contract and each member signs it as a showing their involvement in the contract. Next page, an Executive Summary or Abstract of only 8 lines. Followed by a table of contents page with appropriate page numbers. The words on these three pages are not counted in the final word count. This report should have an Introduction followed by at least, a minimum of four headings, each with three to five sub headings. It should also have a conclusion and recommendations (no more than five recommendations). You also need a reference list and a table of illustrations which are also not counted towards the word count. The written text should be right and left justified and double spaced throughout.
Please use a single column format. The font: Times New Roman 12pt. Calibri 11 pt or Arial 10pt.
Assignment Submission: Upload to Moodle and Turnitin
Assignment Alarm: You can check the assessment s similarity by submitting it to Turnitin prior to the du^ date. However, you cannot make a resubmission after the due date, hence don't make a mistake in submitting the wrong file. Ensure you do this assignment.
Please refer to the marking rubric for details about each marking criterion.
Approved by KOI Academic Board for T1 2020
l 2 l O I
irking Rubric Individual Report - 35%
Fall (0 - 49%) Pass
64%) Credit (65 - 74%) Distinction (75 - 84%)
Inadequate procedure lacks clarity. Poor structure Satisfactory procedure and structure though with Generally effective, clear and concise procedure and Highly effective, cteE concise procedure.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 721 words including References

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