Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment Overview
Through this Unit, you should have started developing an understanding of the main learning theories. This assessment will allow you to begin applying these theories in a classroom situation by writing an essay that analyses the practice of teaching in the classroom. In addition, this essay will give you an opportunity to critically reflect on your own beliefs about learning and teaching, and to start to consider the influence of developmental factors within the classroom.
This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes:
1. Critically analyse key learning theories and relate them to values, beliefs and contexts.
2. Critically reflect upon personal beliefs about learning and teaching and relate these to contemporary theories and practice
3. Apply your understanding of learning theories to analyse pedagogy and classroom practice
4. Demonstrate and communicate knowledge and understanding of the intellectual, physical, language, emotional, moral, social and psychological development of children and young people in contemporary society and how these may affect learning.
Assessment Details
You are to produce a persuasive essay in response to the following statement:
Teachers need various strategies but for those strategies to be successful, they need to be based on how students learn. Student diversity demands a sophisticated approach to teaching, so that all children can achieve to the best of their potential.
To what extent do you agree?
Your essay will include:
1. an introduction that summarises the issues to be covered in your essay and introduces the position you will take in response to the statement above
2. a persuasive argument in support of your position that provides evidence of:
• an analysis of pedagogy and classroom practice, based on your understanding of learning theories and supported by relevant quality literature
• a critical reflection about your personal beliefs regarding learning and teaching and how these relate to theories and practice
• an overview of the influence of child development on learning.
3. A conclusion that summarises the points discussed in your essay and makes one final statement about your response.
This is an individual assignment. The essay will involve a critical evaluation of relevant existing literature for the chosen topic. You should use a variety and extensive list of sources, at least 15 of which should be scholarly sources such as peer reviewed academic journals and books. Your work must be referenced throughout and full references given in APA style (6th Ed) at the end of the essay. The reference list must start on a separate page. Details of APA referencing formats