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Subject Title
Subject Code Introduction to Service Management
Lecturer / Tutor Victoria Quilter
Trimester February 2020
Assessment Title Company Customer Service Comparison
Learning Outcome/s 1, 2,3
Assessment type (group or individual)
Individual Report
Weighting 30%
Word count 800 words
Due date Week 11 (Wednesday 29th April )
Class submission Lecture ? Tutorial ?
Submission type Paper copy ? Turnitin ?
Format / Layout of Assessment
ICMS Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Reference List

Assessment instructions
Compare two companies’ policies on customer service.
The two companies must be within the same industry
It is recommended to choose 2 quite different companies (Example 1: a Five star hotel compared a family owned hotel OR . Example 2: Premium international airline compared with a budget domestic airline )
• Provide an overview of both companies (Industry; Name; Size; Where it operates; Number of employees etc. )
• Identify each company’s customers (Similarities and differences of customer types?) Note: This is why it is useful to choose different target markets.
• Provide examples of how each company meets the individual needs of their customers. What do they offer their customers?
• Compare the companies and analyse how they differ in their customer service provision.
Compare what the companies offer in terms of service.
• Investigate how the two companies train their staff.
• Individual response – Which company would you prefer to work for based on your research and evaluation. (EACH student to provide their personal view)

Readings for the assessment
(Instructions where they can be found e.g. MyAthens database, Moodle etc.) List or links to relevant readings
Grading Criteria / Rubric See Moodle for Marking Criteria

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: words including References

Chosen topic: Emirate airline and Tiger Airline to compare

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