Recent Question/Assignment

Choose a company (or context) with which you are familiar:
• It can be a real company or a fictional company (a small company that is not well known or a large national / multinational / global company)
Provide one page (up to 200 words) with background information on your chosen company:
• Name of the organisation
• Size of organisation
• Main markets where it operates (geographical locations)
• Examples of products and services
• Key competitors
Assignment tasks
You are asked to assume the role ot a marketing professional in a company which is facing challenges in terms of understanding and implementing the marketing concepts.
Tasks 1 to 4 relate to the company you work for (the context)
Task 5 relates to a case study
Assessment criteria (Total 100 marks)
Taskl 20 marks The marketing department has hired a team of marketing executives recently and want to impart training of marketing communication techniques and demonstrate how marketing communications mix plays a vital role in marketing*
You, as a marketing professional of your chosen organisation, has been given this responsibility and is required to carry out the job
Required: Prepare your training outline explaining the following:
a) Analyse the tools of the marketing communications mix (5 marks)
b) Explain uses of the marketing communications mh (5 marks)
c) Discuss the influence of advertising pertaining to the marketing efforts of your organisation (S marks)
d) Discuss public relations and its significance in your organisation context (5 marks)