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Assessment 2: Community Health Assessment Report weighting: 45% of final grade
Length: 2500 words
Due Date: Friday 29th May 2020,5.00pm
Feedback: Feedback for this assignment will be provided on the feedback rubric, a copy of which is included in the course assessment folder in the course online resources.
Students will undertake a psychosocial assessment of the City of Horizon. Students will choose ONE health-related issue from the list provided and discuss the implications of that issue for the Horizon community, in addition, the assessment will consider roles of the Registered Nurse in advocating, mediating and enabling health promotion for the issue chosen.
use the template provided on the learnonline site to complete your report. The report will contain the following:
introduction (200 words): The introduction should introduce the purpose and objectives of the report using relevant literature and outline the structure of the report including scope and limitations.
Part A: Psychosocial Assessment (800 words): in Part A your task is to complete a psychosocial assessment of the City of Horizon. Your assessment will include an analysis of the social, cultural and psychological factors that impact upon the health of the community such as. education level employment, occupations, income, housing, transport, communication networks, volunteer groups, social support services, community groups and organisations, health and emergency services, law enforcement and government and leadership arrangements.
Part B: Health-related issue (450 words): Select ONE (1) health-related issue for the Horizon community from the list below. Explain how the chosen issue is linked to the social determinants of health and why the health issue is of concern for the Horizon community taking into consideration your psychosocial assessment. Refer to at least two fZ) sources of academic literature to inform your responses.
Health-related issue 1: Chronic Disease
Health-related issue 2: Mental Health
Health-related issue 5: Accidentsand injury
Health-related issue 4: climate Change
Part C: The role of the Registered Nurse in health promotion (850 words). Define each of the 3 key strategies of enablement, advocacy, and mediation. Describe how each of these strategies can be used by the Registered Nurse to respond to the chosen health- related issue for the Horizon Community. Refer to the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (WH01986), the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (NMBA 2016) and at least two (2) sources of academic literature to inform your responses.
Conclusion (200 words): The conclusion should provide a summary of key points, indicate the significance of the information in the report and outline any recommendations, it should demonstrate what you have learned in relation to community health or public health.
Reference List: References are to be listed in alphabetical order at the conclusion of the report as per uniSA (2020) Harvard Referencing Guide
Assignment 2 template/feedd

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3085 words including References

Title: Health assessment report
The city of Horizon

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