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Word limit: 1,200 words
Curriculum mode : Essay
Assessment on Policy Advocacy Statement :
After considering the risks, how will this health system reform impact you/ your professional practice? Are you for or against implementing the change to the health system?
The Department of Health is convening a panel of experts and stakeholders, including government officials from the Department of Finance, Executives from major private health insurance companies, senior clinicians from District Hospitals, and community representatives.
Ahead of the meeting, you, as a representative of a stakeholder group of your choice, has been requested to write an Advocacy Statement to convince the panel whether or not the reform should be implemented. An Advocacy Statement is a written document that advocates or supports a position on behalf a particular group or community. For example, you could advocate on behalf of your professional association (nurses, doctors, OTs), your local community (e.g. a NSW rural community), an interest group (e.g. elderly, people with disabilities, CALD populations, refugees, etc.) or organisation (private or not-for-profit). While it is important to ensure you are representing the needs of the community/organisation you identify with, it is also important to highlight the scale of impact outside your community too.
The ‘health system reform’ here in this question is talking about ‘Private Health Insurance Product Tiers’


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Word Count: 1349 words including References

Title: Policy Advocacy Statement
Note: It is based on previous assignment

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