Recent Question/Assignment

Some possible topic areas include but are not limited to:
Software Engineering for Data Warehouse systems • Risk Analysis in Software Engineering • Project Management methodologies • Advances in Prototyping for software engineering • Cleanroom methodology • Test Driven methodologies • Advanced human Interfaces • Artificial Neural Networks (applied to software engineering) • Cloud Computing (in relation to software engineering) • Agent Oriented Software Engineering
The paper you select must be directly relevant to one of the above topics or another topic that is related to Software Engineering. The paper can be from any academic conference or other relevant Journal or online sources such as Google Scholar, Academic department repositories, or a significant commercial company involved in research such as IBM etc. All students must select a different paper and send it for approval to the lecturer. Thus, the paper must be approved by your lecturer before proceeding. In case two select same paper, the first come first serve policy is applied. Note that popular magazine or web-site articles are not academic papers.