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Exploring phase
Project Overview
Project Indust and it's characteristics (competitors, market, etc
Project Organization and Stakeholders
Project Strategy - MNC, Coorporate, Business, Functional, etc
Project Constraints (Scope, Schedule, Cost)
Chronolog of project - Time Line with Infoghraphic and Turnin
Other Project Management Knowledge areas
Analyzing phase
Cultural Gap analysis
Diversity / Complexity assessment
Pro•ect anal sis SWOT, PARETO, PESTEL,
What went wron in ur rcfect
What went ri ht in our ro•ect
Recommendations - What would
Com arison hase
Cause and Effect, etc
Similarities and differences with other class projects (at least 5 projects)
Comparison with content (at least 10 concepts)
Report Format & articipation
Participation & Peer review
Document quali and consisten (table of content, format, etc)
Abstract and ke
Document references

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