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Marketing unit
1500 words
Essay format
Read case study and answer the questions
The case study analysis should be presented in an essay format covering the answers to all the questions at the end of the case. The case analysis should also include an introduction and a conclusion.
Students should submit the assignment through Turnitin by the due date. The assessment must be fully and accurately referenced or it will not be graded. Students should aim for a maximum of 10% to 15% Turnitin similarity index with direct quotes properly referenced with quotation marks, source and page number.
The case study is ”Targeting Attractive Market Segments: GoPro” (page 167, also available from vUWS). Read and analyse the case and address the questions at the end of the case. (Support your answers with theory from the text, facts and explanation. You may also use information from other academic and industry sources to support your answers).

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1870 words including References


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