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Assessment 2: Case Study-1
Due date: Week 6
Group/individual: Individual
Word count / Time provided: 2000 words
Weighting: 20%
Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO-1, ULO-2, ULO-3
Assessment Details:
In this assignment, you have to perform a system analysis and design for the Gold- Cinema (GC) case study provided at the case study section.
You have to read the Gold- Cinema (GC) case study below and write a report to answer the followings:
1. The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) identifies all the activities required to build, launch, and maintain an information system. Discuss the six core processes of the SDLC required to develop the GC project.
2. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) description supported with a table for the GC project explaining the ID, description, and duration for each task.
3. Develop PERT/CPM chart explaining the early and late start for each task. Identify the critical path and the total time to finish the project.
4. Use the information in Table 1, calculate the net present value, the payback period, and the return on investment by using a discount rate of 6 percent. The development costs for the project were $15,000. Do a five-year return on investment.
5. Develop a use case diagram which models the actors in GC system.
You may need to make some assumption as required. Whenever you make assumptions, please state these clearly.
Case Study: Gold-Cinema System (GCS)
The Gold- Cinema is a ticket office that would like to develop the online system for keeping the track of customers, productions, performances, and seats. The Gold- Cinema intends to keep the track of their customers in a way that they can notify their customers about upcoming events, and identify those who frequently support the Cinema. For this purpose, customers require to create an account prior to booking any thicket for the first time. The Information records on the online system consist of first and last name, residential address, city, zip code, mobile number, and email address. For digital purposes, a unique identification number is created for each customer. If the customers face with any issues for creating account or booking a ticket, the advisor needs to support them. In this case, the online system needs to record the assigned advisor for each customer, by recording the name of the advisor who support customer for each time.
Regarding productions, the new online system keeps the information in terms of name and type of the productions such as movie, play or concert. Regarding performance, the number of tickets sold and the date of performance are specifically recorded.
The management of the cinema wishes to operate an entirely testable procedure to the whole online system in order to discover any bug and major issues prior to the final launch of the system.
The company considers different methods to estimate the investments in this project. Table 1 presents the information the accountant provided to the system analyst to calculate Net Present Value (NPV), Payback Period and Return on Investment (ROI).
Table 1: Five-year investment evaluation
No. Category 0 1 2 3 4 5
1 Value of benefits $ 9,000.00 $ 9,000.00 $ 9,000.00 $ 9,000.00 $ 9,000.00
2 Development Cost -$15,000.00 -$700.00 - $850.00 -$770.00 -$750.00 -$730.00
3 Annual expenses -$ 3,000.00 -$ 3,000.00 -$ 3,000.00 -$ 3,000.00 -$ 3,000.00
4 Net benefit/costs -$15,000.00
5 Discount factor 1.00
6 Net present value -$15,000.00
7 Cumulative NPV -$15,000.00

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2031 words including References

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