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• To develop an understanding of an how innovations are conducted in
• Understand the process and methodology of bringing innovative products and solutions to the market
• Develop an understanding of how customers play an important role in the development of innovative market based solutions
Students will review and critique the case study: Alibaba and the Future of Business by MING ZENG. Harvard Business Review. Sep/Oct2018. It may be helpful to print the case study and highlight useful sections and/or take notes as you read.
The output will be a 1,200 word report that responds to the following four questions:
1) In the students view, how does innovation and strategy work together at Alibaba Group?
2) Identify the innovation approach the company has successfully used to identify customers’ needs, and how did it help them to continue to stay ahead of the competition?
3) What role does ‘Smart Business’ play in the company’s present success?
4) What roles do leaders like Jack Ma play on companies like Alibaba? What does he bring, personally, to the organisation?
You should undertake further reading on Alibaba, in order to enhance your analysis. Any additional reading must be properly referenced in your report.
MING ZENG. (2018). Alibaba and the Future of Business. Harvard Business Review, 96(5), 88–96.
Retrieved from
Attached are Alibaba case study
Attached are the slides of the lecture.
Please do not forget references Please!

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1626 words including References


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