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Learning Outcome Alignment
Competency Element Alignment
Value (% of 100 overall unit marks)
Description and requirements
1. Undertake a skills audit and needs analysis
Report: Skills audit and analysis
2500 words maximum
The core task is to research and present the needs analysis outcomes that will underpin a Workforce
Development or Organisational Learning Strategy for an organisation or entity. The research and report may
be on an initiative linked to your own or another organisations initiative (public, private or community). It is
designed to foster practice skills and real-world application of tools provided in the Workbooks.
The assessment should cover:
A. Define the audience, workforce or segmentation —
B. Establish environmental context and scope any future needs
& C. Establish a needs assessment data collection theory/methodology
D. Establish skill/ capability need (data)
E. Prioritise needs
F. Learning and development solutions
G. Solutions identification
[25 Marks]
Lead Learning Strategy Implementation Workbook B has been provided to provide guidance as to the tools,
templates and sequence of activities that may be undertaken to fulfil this assessment. The referencing and
format is less extensive than the final report (Assessment 3) but does need to accurately report the data and
the strategic environment and the need you will seek to address. After completing this assessment item you
will be able to progress onto complete a more complete Learning Strategy.
Submission may be in the form of a written report or a presentation. Other modes are possible but should first
be discussed and agreed with your lecturer/ trainer. Primary resources and readings provided with the study
guide or ones you have independently sourced must be accessed to support your position.
This is a report based on research and findings. Supporting your analysis approach and any decision is
important so be sure to use primary and secondary sources to support your findings. As an indication, at least
12 references would generally be used for this type of assessment.
Assessment Indicators
Audience/ organisational context is clearly identified
Research/theoretical understanding is displayed and references are supplied either drawing on
literature and readings supplied in the course content or from the students own research
Needs assessment, Training Needs Analysis or similar data is provided using formal tools and
Data sources are reliable
Clarity of need definitions and processes
Need (skill competency, capability, behavioural, etc.) is clearly identified
Selection of possible training and development solution and justification
Selection of learning mode
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