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TEE 206/05 Digital Electronics
Course Assessment 1 (CA1 – 25%)

Evidence of plagiarism or collusion will be taken seriously and the University regulations will be applied fully. You are advised to be familiar with the University’s definitions of plagiarism and collusion.

1. This is an individual assignment. No duplication of work will be tolerated. Any plagiarism or collusion may result in disciplinary action, in addition to the ZERO mark being awarded to all involved.
2. You are to submit online of your answers in OAS system and it is your responsibility to submit your CA correctly and timely. OAS system doesn’t allow re-submission of the assignment. Marks will be awarded for correct working steps and answers.
3. The total marks for CA1 are 100 and contribute 25% towards the total grade.
4. CA1 covers the topics in Unit 1 & Unit 2.
5. CA1 has to be done individually.
6. Your assignment must be word-processed (single spacing) and clearly laid out. Any additional appendices or attachments must be placed at the end of the submitted document and must be referred to in the main body of the assignment, or it will not be read by the marker.
7. All files or documents submitted must be labeled with your WOU ID and name.

Question 1 (25 marks) -(CLO1-PLO1)
Convert 42710 to:
Grey code
[5 Marks]
[5 Marks]
[5 Marks]
111010102 is a 1’s complement number and 100110012 is a 2’s complement number. Determine the equivalent decimal value for both numbers.
[10 Marks]
Question 2 (25 marks) -(CLO1-PLO1)
Subtract 13210 from 4510 using 16-bit 2’s complement form addition and state the answer in hexadecimal.
[10 Marks]
For each of the following expression construct the corresponding logic circuit by using combination AND, OR and INVERTER gates only
w= (A+B) ¯
[5 Marks]
x= (AB+CD) ¯
[5 Marks]
y= A ¯BC
[5 Marks]
Question 3-(CLO1-PLO1)
Based on Figure 1, answer the following question:

Figure 1
Construct the truth table for this multiplexer.
[12 Marks]
Write the Boolean equation for 4:1 Multiplexer
[4 Marks]
Show how two units of a 4:1 Multiplexer can be connected to become an 8: 1 Multiplexer
[9 Marks]
Question 4-(CLO1-PLO1)
Given equation below:
Simplify the Boolean equation below using the K-Map technique.
W=A ¯B ¯C ¯D ¯+AB ¯C ¯D ¯+A ¯B ¯CD ¯+AB ¯CD ¯
[8 Marks]
Draw the simplified circuit based result in (ai)
[5 Marks]
Given equation below:
Simplify the logic expression z=A ¯BC ¯+ABC ¯D ¯+BC ¯ by using Boolean Algebra technique.
[6 Marks]
Draw the simplified circuit based result in (bi)
[6 Marks]