Recent Question/Assignment

4.0 Reporting and Assessment
For the practical assessment, you will be required to submit a report (see week 5 ‘Report Writing’
lecture notes as a general guide). For this report, focus your efforts on creating an informative and
clear map and generating a complete flowchart of the steps above.  Also focus on providing a
comprehensive results and discussion section. Follow the format below.  Also see marking guide
template for this workshop 2 practical report on FLO.
Title Page with your name
? keep to <=12 point fonts.
Table of Contents
? Objectives and brief background
? Provide an overview of criteria modelling using two Journal Articles, not WEB sources.
? Write concise paragraphs describing what is in your flow chart (Appendix A).
? Present the map (referring to it as an Appendix B).  State what it shows.
? Discuss limitations to your analysis and results.
? Is this the answer to locating an orchard?
? What edge-effects might there be?  
? Limits to study area size?
? Include a brief statement of your main findings
? List the authors, articles you referred to.
Appendix A – Flowchart (1 page)
? In this chart indicate the rules you conducted and the ArcGIS steps you used to achieve that
rule.  Include the names of resultant files and whether the steps involve raster or vector
data.  You tutors can give you ideas on flowcharts.
? Include a box for every dataset you’ve used or created
? Organize your flowchart so that the process is clear and understandable
Appendix B – Map
? Design your map to convey the most important message of your report
? Include all required map elements
? Give an effective title but keep the font to 12 point bold.  This is an Appendix not a poster.
? Keep all other text at 10 point fonts.
? Carefully choose colours, line types and line thicknesses.   For a professional output, use
pastel colours not full colours.
? Show the vector roads as the top layer.
Focus on clarity and readability of your map
? Please attach your logfile as a separate pdf. Your tutors will explain how to do a logfile and
why they should be kept.
Pay attention to your report’s presentation, be clear and concise.  Do not expect the reader will
understand the map and flow chart.  In other words explain everything the reader is looking at in
these three areas.  Ten percent of your overall mark will be based on presentation.