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Assessment in Detail
Research Report
Fundamental to any successful spatial analysis project is researching and obtaining
knowledge about the phenomenon under observation (the subject) and its environment and
geographical extent. Consequently, prior to the camp students will report on each of the
areas listed below in a research paper. The emphasis of your research paper is to briefly
summarize your investigations into each area but students should choose at least one area
to expand on and provide more detail.
? The Natural Environment of the Flinders Ranges
- Geology/soils and formation; Flora and fauna; Climate/Rainfall
? Indigenous History
- Adnyamathanha (Wailpi) and Kujani people
? Economic History
- Mining; Pastoral; Tourism
? Pastoral history of Beltana and Puttupa Stations
? European history – The township of Beltana
Field Camp Report
The Field Camp Report will include a description of the methods and results of the exercises
undertaken at Beltana Station. This includes description of the methods and results for the
? surveying exercise
GEOG1004/8722 GIS Field Camp/Practice, 22nd – 26th September, 2014
H:SteveWorkTeachingTopicsGEOG 10042014BeltanaAdminTopic details 2014 GEOG1004_8722_draft.doc Page 6 of 15
? LIDAR exercise
? GPS exercise (Beltana and Leigh Creek)
? plant cover sampling
? interpretation of imagery in relation to site data collected – see below.
As part of your field camp report, choose one of the activities below and discuss its
relevance to one or more of the subject areas detailed in your initial research report and the
importance of field observations/data to this activity.
1) Classification of the different vegetation communities at Beltana.
2) Interpretation of satellite imagery in relation to variation in cover and
photosynthetic activity (ie. identification of grazing effects from satellite imagery).
3) Identification and interpretation of change in vegetation from available satellite
4) Identification and prediction of areas vulnerable to soil erosion.
5) Geo/Orthorectification of image data.