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I am interested in getting done just the Business case part of the assignment .
I've notices that you already have this assignment as an example on your website 45222 - Important assessment informationAims of this assessmentThis
Specifically I need just the Business Case Proposal to Introduce Cloud Computing The Antique Boutique , which is
Prepare a Business Case
After reading the case study, and having prepared the ICT Audit (in Q6a above), use the following template to prepare a short business case for the implementation of cloud computing for the Antique Boutique.
You are required to provide brief commentary and complete each of the 10 sections (as listed in the Table of Contents below).
Business Case
Proposal to Introduce Cloud Computing
The Antique Boutique
Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Current Situation
3. Risks involved if current situation remains
4. New ICT proposal
5. Advantages and Justifications
6. Coaching and Training
7. Cost Factor – Cost Benefit Analysis
8. Intangible Advantages
9. Risks with the new system
10. Recommendations
11. Plan to introduce Cloud Computing
1. Introduction
[Required: Provide a brief description of why has the Business Case report been prepared.]
2. Current Situation
[Required: Provide an explanation of the current situation including the limitations currently affecting the business]
3. Risks involved if current situation remains
[Required: List any problems confronting the business if situation is left as is. Outline the risks and possible consequences if the system remains unchanged.
3 have been listed but add more if required.]
1. Problem:
1. Risks:
1. Consequences:
2. Problem:
2. Risks:
2. Consequences:
3. Problem:
3. Risks:
3. Consequences:
4. New ICT proposal
[Required: Provide a brief description of new ICT being proposed including a list of its component systems.]
5. Advantages and Justifications
[Required: Outline the advantages and justification for adopting the new proposal and each of its separate aspects.]
6. Coaching and Training
[Required: Outline the training and/or coaching that staff may need in order to use any new software and to maximise optimal usage.
HINT: Training/coaching may come with a cost, so be sure to include reasonable estimates in the relevant lines of your Cost Benefit Analysis - see below]
7. Cost Factor – Cost Benefit Analysis
[Required: Provide a dollar-based Cost-Benefit Analysis
You may make your own assumptions and estimates about the costs and benefits dollar amounts arising from the project.
Provide a reasonable range of amounts for each of the key areas of your proposal.]
Use the following Cost-Benefit Analysis worksheet:
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Proposal to Introduce Cloud Computing - The Antique Boutique
Quantitative Costs
Non-Recurring Costs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Telecommunication equipment
Software (packaged or custom)
Computer room upgrades
Furniture and fixtures
Project organisational/support costs
Planning (upon approval)
Contract negotiations
Business Process owners (users)
Training of employees (pre-implementation)
Transition costs (parallel systems)
Post implementation reviews
Total Non-Recurring Costs $ $ $
Recurring Costs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Maintenance and upgrades
Computer supplies
Desktops (incremental to the project)
Data Storage
Help Desk support
Ongoing Additional Labour
IT staff costs (incl. benefits)
User training
Data communication/transmission
Office leases
Total Recurring Costs $ $ $
Total Costs
(Non-Recurring + Recurring) $ $ $
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Proposal to Introduce Cloud Computing - The Antique Boutique
Quantitative Benefits
Quantitative Benefits Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
(Enter revenue source here)
Total Revenues $ $ $
Cost Savings
Decreased cost of services provided
Savings from Business process improvements
Productivity gains
Savings from structural changes
Savings from optimized information (or flow)
Decreased information publishing cost
Reduced staffing cost (incl. overtime)
Reduced staff turnover costs
Total Cost Savings $ $ $
Cost Avoidance
(Enter Cost Avoidance Here)
Total Cost Avoidance $ $ $
Other Benefits
(Enter Other Benefits Here)
Total Other Benefits $ $ $
Total Benefits $ $ $
8. Intangible Advantages
[Required: List any intangible advantages.]
9. Risks with the new system
[Required: List the possible risks involved with the new system.
Also specify what the worst-case scenario is if something goes wrong?]
10. Recommendations
[Required: Briefly state your recommendations and outline your proposal, cost, advantages, and risks.
Tip: Summarise your recommendation/proposal, advantages, costs, advantages and risks as you have previously listed under each of the following headings.]
Recommendation & Proposal
Intangible Advantages
11. Plan to introduce Cloud Computing
[Required: Outline the plan to introduce cloud computing into the business. Refer to sequence of headings and steps in Module 3 of the textbook.]

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1464 words including References

Title: Cloud computing requirements for business

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