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Unit: Organisational Learning and Change
Unit Code: BUS 510
Type of Assessment: Assessment 3 — Organisational change project
Learning outcomes — (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f)
(a) Critically analyse and critique the major theories of organisational learning
(b) Critically analyse and explain the dynamics of strategic organisational change
(c) Critically review and evaluate the reasons for different approaches to
Unit Learning change, and demonstrate an ability to apply this understanding to volatile
Outcomes or novel organisational contexts
addressed: (d) Critically analyse and critique common perspectives on the role of, and relationship between, individuals, teams and leaders in the change process
(e) Integrate biblical frameworks into a contemporary understanding of organisational learning and change
(f) Integrate the concepts of organisational learning, strategic and innovative change management with leadership theory and practice
Criterion 1 - Description of the organisation — (5/50)
• Criterion 2 - Understanding of organisational change concepts or
Criteria for theories — (10/50)
Assessment: Criterion 3 — Organisational analysis — (10/50)
Criterion 4 - Recommendations and resource requirements — (20/50) Criterion 5 — References and structure — (5/50)
Assessment Task: The purpose of this assessment is to allow students take on a management perspective to analyse organisational change and propose recommendations with the aim of improving the situation. This project seeks to create a case study of an organization that requires a change intervention.
Students will be required to choose an organisation that they are familiar with and analyse it using relevant change management theories or frameworks to identify areas where change is required. Relevant change intervention strategies are to be proposed.
The organisational change project covers the following:
1. An introduction to the organisation.
2. Internal and external analysis of the organisation to identify areas requiring change (at the end of this section, include a summary of the areas where change is required)
3. Literature review — overview of change management theories or frameworks
4. Evaluation of possible change strategies required to improve the situation.
5. Recommendations of the most suitable strategies.
6. Required resources for implementing the identified suitable strategiec•
7. Conclusion