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r7 Assessment Task 3 Instructions Vocational
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Complete the following activities:

1, Research technology and tools that managers can use lo manage their work priorities.
You should research at least three of these.
Describe each and demonstrate how it assists in planning and prioritizing work.
2. Research the impact of workplace stress, as well as strategies adresso this.
Make notes on at least 5 impacts of workplace stress and five strategies ress
3. Write a work priorities planning report.
Using the notes that you made from the previous two activities, write a short report on personal and work planning.
Use the Work Priorities Planning Report Template to guide your work.
4, Write a weekly schedule.
tasks included in the list.
Communications Manager
Factor in at least 30 minutes a day for relaxation to ens
Using one of the tools you have researched, take the list of typical tasks set out in
Tasks, and prepare a schedule for a typ incorporating all of
ure a work-life balance. This can be any ical week activity you choose.
Take a screen shot of the weekly plan.
peon lanning report and your weekly schedule screen shot to your
5. Submit your work prio

BSBWOR501 Manage personal work priorities and professional development
Student Assessment Tasks
Vocational Training Institute RTO 41111 CRICOS 03487C
Version: October 2019 v1.0 J&S Leamingwork 2018

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as part of Y°A,Lihr n
Prepare your response to the following questions and present your restr Dints clri a
nOnSe slide' '.. ic
presentation. Your response to each question needs only be a few do P you can then explain verbally.
Discuss your career aspirations. f our course
4. Write a networking review
Identify and describe at least two response to each question needs you can then explain verbally. formal networks that a Manager could participate in. Your s to include in your presentation which
only be a few dot point
For the two forml networks identify:
Organisati nanome and contact details including
· email.
· The services offered by the networking organisation.
· The costs involved in joining the networking organisation. telephone and
· The benefits you believe joining the network brings to you.
· Any other relevant information.
· Details of an upcoming event provided by the organisation that you are interested in and You will be including the results of your review in your presentation.
5. Write a Professional Development Plan
Develop a professional development plan, using the Professional Development Plan Template to guide your work.
The professional development plan will also be based on the activities you have already completed in this Assessment Task.
For each of the professional development activities, complete all sections of the table in the Professional Development Plan Template.
BSBWOR501 Manage personal work priorities and professional development
Student Assessment Tasks
Vocational Training Institute RTO 41111 CRICOS 03487C
Version: October 2019 v1.0 J&S Learningwork 2018 Page 39 of 48

6. Create a PowerPoint presentation.
The presentation should address all of the following:
· professional goals for the next 12 months, and for the next five years.
Your personal and p
· Your perceived strengths in your skills and knowledge. Also identify areas that you would
like to improve or gaps you would like to fill. These will have been identified through your self-assessment, interviews, or in response to new industry trends.
· Three professional development priorities based on your areas for improvement and/or gaps you have identified. For each of the priorities identified you will also need to provide the reasons why you have identified this as a priority and by when you would like to address
the priority.
· Three professional development activities that you feel would meet your desired areas for
improvement or gaps and that you intend to participate in over the next 12 months. The professional development activities could also include the networks that you have identifies
· At least one of the professional development activities you identified should be in responsE to the feedback provided during the professional development research you conducted.
· For your presentation, you should provide examples of how you have ranked your skills ar knowledge in the self-assessment ranking. Give at least four for each unit of competency. You should also discuss how useful you found the self-assessment process, as well as ho
ment plan.
it has informed your professional develop
· Discuss each interview, including who you interviewed and their job role. Describe the feedback provided regarding important skills and knowledge and professional developmer
activity and how this informed your professional development plan.
7 Conduct presentation -A hAin ether students selected by your

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Training Institute

Complete the following activities:
Participate in a professional development activity.
Participate in one of the professional development activities that you identified in your
professional development plan.
in the next activity, you will be asked to write a short report on your participation, so while you
are completing the development activity, take notes on the following: name
· A brief overview of the purpose of the professional development activity (include the
of the organisation who provided the professional development activity and the dates and
· What skills you developed through participating in the professional develop
ment activity.
times you attended).
· ant activity. What you liked most about the professional developm
· What you liked least.
· Overall benefits of participating in this professional development opportunity.
2. Write a professional development report.
After you have participated in one of the professional development activities that you identified in your professional development plan.
Use the Professional Development Report Template to guide your work. You should answer each question in arourd a paragraph
3. Submit your professional development report to your assessor.

BsgwOR501 Manage Personal work
Student Assessment Tasks priorities and professional development
Vocational Training institute RTO 41111 CRICOS 03487C Version: October 2019 v1.0
J&S Leamingwork 2018

Pane. A -f

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