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Subject Title Strategic Marketing Planning
Subject Code MKT300
Lecturer / Tutor Martin Long
Trimester 2019 T1, T2, T3
Assessment Title Strategic Marketing Plan
Learning Outcome/s 1, 4 & 5
Assessment type (group or individual) Group
Weighting 25%
Word count 2,500 words plus appendices
Due date Week 10 paper copy & turnitin.
Class submission Lecture Z
Submission type Paper copy & Turnitin Z
Format / Layout of Assessment Report: Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z
ICMS Cover Page Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction
Conclusion Recommendations Reference List Appendices
Assessment instructions See below
Readings for the assessment It is mandatory that students use a minimum of one relevant academic journal article sourced through an academic library resource in addition to the one used individually
Grading Criteria / Rubric See below
Selecting one of the organisations that a member of your group submitted for their individual assignment, your task is to focus on the opportunities and develop a strategic marketing plan.
Your recommendations for future marketing strategy should demonstrate insight and critical thinking. You should use appropriate strategic marketing models, theory and language. This is a 300 level capstone assignment and will be marked accordingly. Full tutorial support will be offered each week.
You are expected to use all models and theories from the lectures that may apply to your company. Specifically, a scenario planning model must be provided.

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Length, format and due date
Absolute word limit of 2,500 words plus appendices. Marks will be lost up to one grade if this limit is exceeded. A summary of the original workbook (with identification of the writer) must be included as an appendix in no more than 500 words (additional to word count), and updates to the market opportunities may be used in the main body of the assignment. Hardcopy submission is required. The hard copy will be marked and returned with comments prior to the exam.
This assessment task will be marked out of 100 and is weighted to 25% of the subject total marks. All students in a syndicate group will receive the same mark and must participate to pass this subject. A peer marking system may be used for a dysfunctional group, provided this is discussed prior to submission.
Strategic Marketing Plan
Your strategic marketing plan will:
· Provide a brief introduction to the organisation, identifying the student who undertook the original research.
· Include an appendix of 500 words summarising the individual assignment. (Outside word count)
· Fill any identified gaps in research and critical evaluation of the current strategy. These are gaps in the first assessment.
· Identify opportunities that may be addressed through marketing, including new ones
· Identify strategic marketing alternatives over a 1 and 5 year period
· Make recommendations for key marketing initiatives based on theory and the situation analysis outlined in the workbook. These follow the scenario planning outcomes.
· Recommendations may include changes to branding and positioning, product portfolio and development, pricing and distribution together with promotion strategy.
· You should anticipate and document factors that may influence success or failure of your strategic direction.
· You are expected to use ICMS library resources for your research and you must use and reference at least one academic journal article to support your recommendations in addition to that used by the student in the individual assignment.
Further assistance will be provided in tutorials, specifically about the use of theory and models. This will affect your grade.
Martin Long M Mgt (Mktg) FAMI, CPM Senior Lecturer

Item Weight Excellent: D-HD Competent: P-
CR Inadequate: F NOTES
Introduction & background to organisation plus gap research identified from the initial workbook 10% Excellent choice of organisation.
Strong gap research presented Good choice of organisation.
Reasonable gap research presented Poor choice of organisation and description of it.
No gap research presented
Identification of marketing opportunities including new ones. Focus on Australia first. 10% Excellent identification of opportunities that show clear potential for development.
Wide ranging across marketing mix Good identification pf opportunities that show some potential for development.
Covers more than one area of the marketing mix Poor identification of opportunities and/or lack of reference to marketing mix
Identification of strategic marketing alternatives using proper theory and models.
Scenario Planning is mandatory 20% Excellent identification of strategic marketing alternatives over 1 year and 5 year periods.
Clearly referenced to relevant theory and models Good
identification of strategic marketing alternatives over 1 year and 5 year periods.
Referenced to some theory and
models Poor identification of strategic marketing alternatives over 1 year and 5 year periods.
Poorly referenced to theory and models
Key marketing initiatives at a strategic level bases on the scenarios identified 20% Initiatives extremely well documented and related to strategic theory.
Competitive situation seriously considered Initiatives reasonably well documented and related to strategic theory.
Competitive situation considered Initiatives extremely poorly documented and not related to strategic theory.
Competitive situation not considered seriously
Appropriateness 20% Recommendations Recommendations Recommendations in
of recommended in this section in this section this section do not
cover entire cover most of the cover entire
of changes to marketing mix marketing mix marketing mix
marketing mix including branding, positioning, product portfolio, pricing and distribution. including branding, positioning, product portfolio, pricing and distribution. including branding, positioning, product portfolio, pricing and distribution.
References to people
References to References to as a relevant
people as a people as a element is poorly
relevant element relevant element considered
Identification of success/failure indicators 10% Excellent insight shown Insight shown No insight shown
Organisation of A professional Document follows Document too short
ideas and 10% standard document that ICMS style guide. Layout, spelling or too long, requires serious
content, grammar, spelling and does not need any editing and is of an appropriate and grammar at expected
standard for a 300 editing of structure, grammar or spelling. Poor
punctuation length. level subject. layout, not presented as a
Concise and flowing well for the Document flows well and is of business document, fails to follow style
reader. appropriate length. guide rules, fails to flow.

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