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This individual assignment is to ensure your ability to analyze and synthesize major theories and concepts in international settings. This assignment will also be used as one of assessments for Global MBA program. Please refer to Rubric for MGT6377 (ATTACHED: Rubric_MGT6377.pdf ).
We will use the case Negotiating Across the Pacific (ATTACHED: Individual Case.pdf ) this semester. The case analysis report should be 10 - 15 pages in length, plus whatever the diagrams and appendices you feel appropriate. You must cite your sources in the text and include a bibliography at the end using APA style. The report is to be typed, using double-space and 12-point type font with one-inch margins on all sides.
The total 200 points will be allocated in the following way:
1. A cover page with an informative title, class name and code, section number, your name, and date of completion (5 points).
2. An executive summary of around 100 words that presents the major issue presented in the case, the cultural theory you used to address this issue, the specific cultural characteristics involved in the case, and the recommendations
3. The main body of the report with meaningful headings to cover the following sections:
3.1 Major issue presented in the case: Discuss the MAJOR issue (you don’t need to cover all issues, just pick one or two) in the case and the factors that contribute to the major issue presented
3.2 One or more cultural theories: Introduce and discuss one or more cultural theories (like Hofstede’s Value Dimensions) appropriate to address the major issue
3.3 Specific cultural characteristics (such as individualism and power distance) involved in the case. Identify and discuss the cultural characteristics that involve in the case situation, how these specific cultural characteristics impact the issue
3.4 Solution and Action Plan. First list the potential solutions to the issue based on what you have learned from this class. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each solution within the context of the situation that caused the problem. Try to ferret out unintended results that will have negative consequences. Recommend a solution supported by a sound rationale based on knowledge learned from this class and/or other evidences from literature review or other sources. And outline an action plan for the implementation of your solution
4. A bibliography of references cited throughout the report using APA style, with entries no less than FIVE
5. Overall writing skills including objectiveness, clarity, and consistency in format and style use, organization, free of obvious spelling and grammar mistakes

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2912 words including References


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