Recent Question/Assignment

Option 2 —Short Research.
Write approximately a 350 — 500 words for each of the questions.
1. What is a Rootkit? In many mobile devices the boot loader checks the digital signature of the kernel prior to loading. Briefly describe the boot process for either iOS, Android or Windows Mobile (Pick one). Explain the security benefit obtained using the boot process.
2. The attacker downloads a legitimate game and repackages it with malware and uploads the mobile apps to the web store, users download this malicious gaming application, believing it to be true. As a result, the malware gathers and sends user credentials which include call logs, photo, sensitive docs to the attacker without the consumer's knowledge. What can be done to prevent this from occurring?
3. What is Lost Device Protection in Mobile Security? How does Lost Device Protection work?
4. How Can I Ensure That Sensitive Client Data Will Not Be Disclosed On Their Smartphones After Session Expiry?
5. How Can App Developers Ensure Better Client Mobile Security? Is It More Risky To Develop Software For Mobile Devices Than Developing Enterprise Software?
6. What is Pen Testing? Discuss the steps along with screen shots on how you can perform basic concepts of penetration testing of android and IOS mobile phones.
7. What are some of the additional security and management benefits for -wrapping- and app? If it provides these benefits, why an enterprise can still be reluctant to do so?
8. What is Mobile Security MDM Solution? Research IBM's MaaS360 and present MaaS360 Mobile Device Management Solution overview.