Recent Question/Assignment

Due Date
SILOs Assessed
Assessment Task 2
2, 3, 4
Week 12, Sunday 11:59 pm
Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Report (Written)
La Trobe University
Submitted via LMS by 5 pm on the due date
Grading Criteria and Feedback
Criteria Marks Marks
Allocated % Obtained
Executive Summary (The title page, table of contents and executive summary should be professionally organised. The executive summary needs to contain the purposes and structurally present the whole report in one page and in a few paragraphs) 5
Situation Analysis based on market Research (This section should demonstrate the ability to desk search for and use of relevant knowledge and skills required to critically examine a market, prospective consumers, industry, competitor and demand for a specific brand). 5
[Discussion provided on Session 2]
IMC Objectives (Provide long-term goals where marketing campaigns are intended to drive up the 5
value of your brand over time)
[Discussion provided on Session 1]
Target Audience (Target audience should be defined as summarised in lectures and drawing on your 10
previous marketing segmentation knowledge)
[Discussion provided on Session 2]
Develop an IMC plan to budget: using a minimum of three IMC variables one of which to include a broadcast, print or internet/ interactive media. Develop approximate budget for each variable. [Discussion provided on Session 4] 15
Develop a creative strategy and Mock-Up: detail and explain the rationale for your selected creative strategy. Design a creative mock-up of your broadcast, print or internet/interactive media campaign [Discussion provided on Session 9] 20
Develop a media schedule: for your broadcast, print or internet/interactive media campaign (table 20
format required). Provide an overview of the theory and rationale for your plan
[Discussion provided on Session 8]
Positioning Strategy: Show how your IMC plan contributes to brand's Positioning or re-positioning [Discussion provided on Session 3] 5
Campaign Timeline: It will feature the strategies to be taken under the campaign within a set deadline. [use a Gantt chart] 5
Campaign Evaluation (An in-depth understanding of the expected outcomes, and relevant evaluations and marketing control variables are discussed. The assessment presents a detailed and focused summary of the ideas presented; drawing clear and well-thought-out conclusions.) [Discussion provided on Session 10] 5
Scholarly pursuit: Presentation, Grammar, Spelling and Referencing, Appendices 5
All materials submitted must be fully referenced using the Harvard Referencing System and be written
applying a formal report style.
Total 100
Submission Details
Description of Task
Integrated Marketing Communications Report:
Work for this assignment must be conducted in groups of four students. Groups should be formed by week 2 and the membership of each group will be recorded. All group members will write this group assignment. It is expected that each group member will make an equal contribution to the plan.
Word Count: About 4000 words for a group of four students
Your task is the following:
-Clever isn't only something you can see, it's also something you feel. To own tomorrow you need to be all kinds of clever and we can teach you how. So don't just be clever, be all kinds of clever.- (Voice over: LTU Video). La Trobe University has released its 'All Kinds of Clever' campaign depicting all the different skills and attributes which can make someone clever. Depending on this campaign, you can recommend a new IMC plan for LTU. You may have access to extensive information such as the La Trobe University's marketing strategy through the University website and, possibly, annual reports and accounts. You may need to make assumptions, but these should be based on full and sensible analysis of existing material such as other advertising campaigns, case studies, journal articles and other media coverage.
The assessment of your written document will be based on ability to identify 'All Kinds of Clever' campaign weaknesses and recognise opportunities for improvement. You also can inquire into the product, consumer and market for this campaign. Your strategic insights leading to the creative and media strategy is necessary. Try to provide useful and innovative recommendations (i.e. Integration of the long-term campaign ability, realistic budget about the size of the product or the market etc.). Please attend the workshops and discussions with your tutors to write a quality IMC report.
You must demonstrate a high level of analytical skills and sound interpretation to justify your suggestions. You are expected to research widely to obtain information. However, you must not -cold call- La Trobe staff members or organisations indiscriminately. It is best to make full use of secondary information that is available to the public either via the company's website or PR department or databases. If you have personal contacts in companies, you may use them. Students who do not have any business contacts will not be disadvantaged. Use of secondary data is quite adequate to gain an excellent grade for this project. Most marks will be allocated for excellent analytical skills, sound decisions and appropriate recommendations.
No extensions will be granted. There will be a deduction of 10% of the total available marks made from the total awarded mark for each 24 hour period or part thereof that the submission is late (for example, 25 hours late in submission - 20% penalty). This penalty does not apply for cases in which an application for disruption of studies is made and approved. No submission will be accepted after solutions have been posted.
** Tips for Integrated Marketing Communications report group work: you need to meet regularly and develop and follow a work plan; you can also divide the work according to each member's strengths, and as evenly as possible.