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ITSA 2005
Planning and Implementing Server
Project Assignment
September 2018
Due Date: Tuesday, 16th of October 2018
Total Marks: 25 (15 report + 10 presentation)
This assessment item requires you to work in a group of 4 students.
Your task is to consider the given scenario and create a proposal in a form of a project report that addresses the given requirements.
The report should be prepared using Microsoft Office documents and it should be uploaded on to Moodle as a Microsoft WORD document. The word limit of the report is 2000 words. The word count should not include the contents in the Cover Page, Table of Contents, Executive summary, List of References and the contents in the Appendix.
The report should be a properly constructed academic report. It should contain an effective introduction, body and conclusion. A reference list formatted in the Harvard style is required, at the end of the report.
Submission guidelines:
The report should have a consistent, professional, and well-organized appearance.
1. Your report should include the following:
? The cover page must identify all group member details, including student names and the ID numbers, course details, and the assignment details.
? The assignment must use 12-point font size and at least single line spacing with appropriate section headings.
? The report must include executive summary, table of contents, introduction, discussions with headings and sub-headings to address the requirements given, conclusions, recommendations, references and appendices.
? Any supporting material, including diagrams, charts etc. could be included in an appendix attached at the end of the report.
? In-text referencing in Harvard style must be cited in the text of the report and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list.
2. The report must be submitted in soft (electronic) copy as a Microsoft Word document via the upload link available on Moodle.
Project Overview:
You are a new administrator for the Contoso Corporation, which is a leading producer of smart devices for homes. You need to develop an automated installation strategy.
The Contoso Corporation design team is close to finishing up a new product for home security monitoring and medical monitoring equipment. As a new administrator, you are called into your manager’s office to discuss this exciting new project. He explains that the product is centered around a server that collects and analyzes information from wireless nodes around the house or worn by an individual. To keep track of data, the server will use Windows Internal Database (WID). As part of the rollout, hundreds of servers will need to be prepared for the product rollout and additional servers will be needed to replace sold inventory.
Your manager wants you to design a solution that can create hundreds of new servers each month. You must work with the design team to create an automated server installation plan that will support this project. The servers will have to be tested by the quality control team before being shipped to customers.
The manager also points out that the Contoso investors are acquiring another company, Adatum
Corporation, which has three large sites each consisting of 500 to 1000 users. The headquarter office in Melbourne has the majority of application services, such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL servers. Adatum also has 20 smaller sites consisting of 25 to 50 users each. Your manager is asking for your proposal on redesigning the network infrastructure of Aadatum, specifically the deployment and configuration of domain controllers.
Create a proposal that includes the following sections:
? Purpose of the Project
? Requirements of the Project
? The Proposed Solution
When writing the proposal, you must explain the reasoning behind your choices.
In working on this proposal, you may need to refer to Lab assignments in which you were asked to complete and submit as part of formative assessments in this course. You should use those labs as a guide in preparing this proposal.
Submit your proposal as a report according to the requirements and guidelines explained above.