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Requires you to submit the National Standard Medication Chart (NSMC) certificate and complete an 800-word reflection.
Due date: 11/10/2019, 5PM Length and/or format: National Standard Medication Chart (NSMC) Certificate and an 800-word reflection Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to help prepare professional documentation for employment and other purposes and to build on reflective writing skills.
Description: The Registered Nurse Standards “thinks critically and analyze nursing practice” (Standard One)
Hurdle Task 2 requires you to develop a beginning professional portfolio which will include the following:
Part A: Certificate of completion National Standard Medication Chart (NSMC) Course (
Part B: 800-word Reflection using Gibb’s Reflection Cycle:
- Select one of the new skills accomplished during one of your practical classes in NRSG140. - Using Gibb’s Cycle of Reflection as a structural framework, reflect on the relationship of the clinical skill and your preparedness for clinical practicum.
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- Use at least three (3) relevant published references (journal articles) which help explain your reflection. - Refer to LEO for information on Gibb’s Reflection Cycle.
Learning outcomes assessed: 6. reflect on their learning within a professional portfolio to evaluate effective learning and self-care strategies for themselves and others. (GA4, 10) How to submit: On-line via NRSG140 LEO as one PDF file and submitted via the submission box located in the assessment tile. Return of assignment: Assessment will be marked on-line, comments and results returned via LEO. Assessment criteria: Hurdle Task 2 Part B will be assessed against standardized criteria for Professional Portfolio (Appendix A)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 938 words including References

Topic is: Administer Medication
Only Part B is available

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