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Note: Submit group names in Week 7 during lecture, City campus students, please check with your local lecturer
• This Assignment is incorporated in three parts and is worth
15% (15 marks) of total assessment for this subject
• Assignment Presentation (7.5) marks Submission mode: Online
Group size: 3 to 4 Members
From your group one group member should submit assigmnet on LMS

A mini case study – A written report ; due date: 13/10/2019 ) see the attachment for MINI CASE : Innovation at International Foods, see LMS
Assignment tasks:
Note: One member from a group should submit assignemnt
Parts A
• Provide an executive summary of the report (max 250 words).
• Answer the two questions in the MINI CASE . Evaluation will be based on argumentation, completeness, appropriateness, justification and critical analysis (1750 words ). Every member of the group should write a minimum of 450 words.
Part B
Consider the case in the “MINI CASE : Innovation at International Foods” case study and answer the following questions.
Analyse the IT function and its role to the overall business to achieve and sustain its competitive advantage in the marketplace.
• Identify and analyse current and expected future challenges involved in the alignment of the IT function and business function of the selected organization in the case study. (Max 1000 words)
• Suggest recommendations to tackle the challenges facing the organization and discuss them extensively. The discussion should draw insightful analysis based on existing theories, frameworks, and models (refer to scholarly literature only) relevant to the domain of managing the IT function, strategic alignment, IT strategy, IT organization and governance, scope of IT, business value and so forth. (Max 1500 words)
• Your findings. (Max 1000 words)
Written report guidelines:
• The report must be word-processed in 1.5 spacing, 12-point,
• Times New Roman.
• Provide an executive summary of the report.
• Critically summarise and review the scholarly literature in your • own words.
• Present your analysis. It is strictly important that you do not simply
• describe the author’s point of view but contrast opinions where • they differ, and/or note where several authors agree.
• Make recommendations that draw on what you have learned • from the literature.
• Evaluation will be based on argumentation, completeness,
• appropriateness, justification and critical analysis.
• In the appendix section, specify the sections of the report
• contributed by each member. If a member of the group does not
• contribute to the written report, marks will be penalized for that • member as appropriate.
Note that your grade will also depend on how professionally your paper has been structured, formatted and presented.

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