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Section 1 Introduction
Describe your organisation here!
What does your organisation do?
What does your organisation offer?
In which market segment or industry does your organisation operate?
What is the “Flagship”-product or service?
Write a paragraph or two about your organisation, so that the reader understands what business your organisation is in.
What is the mission/vision of your organisation – where do they plan to be in five, ten, or twenty years’ time?
This part is a more detailed description of what your business does. In class, we learned how to develop this part using a fruit juice company. Now, you need to apply that learning here.
Use a flowchart to describe how your business operates in steps considering the main processes that are relevant to sustainability and using resources. Please describe these steps in details, so that a reader understands how your organisation operates and what resources it is using.
Think of a typical daily workflow with different internal and external interactions. Reflect on our fruit juice example in class and apply the same thought process to your business.
Use a diagram/flowchart to outline which resources AND where toxic materials and chemicals are used where and when in your business process.
Adjust company’s Vision/Mission statement to reflect the sustainability outcomes your organisation wants to achieve.
Aim of the Policy
Explain how this policy supports the organisation’s long-term objectives (Vision) for sustainability and/or the benefits of such a policy to the organisation.
Why are you considering developing such policy for your organisation? Be specific. Which direct benefits can you see in deploying such policy in your organisation?
Identify the resources you propose to target in your sustainability policy. Consider resources that are measurable and can be reviewed at different time periods against measurable target (Benchmark).
At least three resource should be identified to target. Choose one resource you would like to focus on to improve in this policy.
Your policy should clarify any boundaries eg what is out of scope.
Who are your stakeholders? Identify and explain the reason to engage.
Where from and how would you gather information from to plan and develop policy.
Highlight the overall methods, strategies or even approach that you will use to improve the organisational sustainability standing
State the objectives that you are hoping to achieve by deploying such policy
By how much you want to improve your resource usage? (Use SMART Goals)
How these resources are currently measured and managed?
How will this policy manage these resources in the future?

Section 2 Sustainability Practices
Resource Usage
You may want to copy and paste your business process (from section 1) here but only zooming in on the parts that your policy will be focusing on. In this section, you will choose parts of your overall process and look into more details. This section is about you
selecting a business process that is using resource(s) and toxic materials or chemicals, then
coming up with smart ideas (Strategies/Recommendations) to make the process more resource efficient and reduce the use of toxic materials or chemicals
So for example, if your business process looks like the process below, you would have identified in your scope section of the policy that you want to improve on your resource B usage. It is therefore, you will be looking at process 2 and 4 to improve and come up with smart ideas on how to achieve that.
For this you will need to be able to measure the resource(s) and, based on what you have written in your policy objectives, set a target that you are aiming for.
Outline 1-2 strategies for better manage resource usage in your organisation based on your new innovative ideas and researching the best practice in your respective industry.
You need to be specific here, as this part explains in detail what you are going to do, where and how.
Also consider things like waste minimisation, waste prevention and recycling requirements as discussed in class. Outline a detailed strategy for at least 1 resource that is used in your organisation, e.g. water, electricity, fuel, …etc. in more detail.
Describe your strategy methods for the one targeted resource and what potential outcome you are expecting.
By recommending the above 1-2 strategies (1 resource for each strategy), consider the following
Timeframes to implement
Effectiveness of the strategy
Cost of implementation
Return of investment (ROI)
By the end of this section, you would have generated smarter ideas on how to operate your business in a much more sustainable way.
State your intention to report progress against your sustainability goals.
Internal Reporting
Consider who, what, when (how frequently), where and how
External Reporting
Consider who, what, when (how frequently), where and how
Management Review
Consider who, what, when (how frequently), where and how management will review the reports
Use the “workplace policy template” to complete all tasks progressively. Address the first part of the template as indicated in the document. You will be working on this template file until you have a complete document at semester end.
It is at this point you will provide a printed or soft copy to your student reviewer in class in Week 8. The reviewer is assigned to you on the day based on the students in attendance. You will also be assigned a fellow students’ policy to review.
Once you have received feedback from your reviewer MAKE A COPY, A NEW VERSION of this document (V0.2), turn TRACKED CHANGES ON so that you can see the changes you are about to make, and make the recommended changes to the new version of the document. Be sure to update the Document History at the beginning of the document. If you choose not to accept a specific recommendation by your student reviewer, please state your reasoning in the Document History.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1662 words including Diagrams and References

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