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CNC:MH – 92446
Assessment 2: Collaborative Mental Health Nursing Practice (Weight 50%) Marking Criteria
1. Introduction (Total 10 marks)
• Introduce the topic: collaborative mental health nursing practice with healthcare consumers who have experienced a mental disorder.
• Define key terms.
• Outline the purpose of the assignment.
2. Discussion (Total 30 marks)
• Written in a manner consistent with academic convention: the writing is structured using paragraphs and complete sentences and is free of spelling and grammatical errors.
• Refer to relevant literature, including a minimum of eight peer-reviewed journal articles and:
(i) Discuss why it is necessary for mental health nurses, when developing a collaborative nurse-consumer relationship, to gain an understanding of the health care consumer's experiences of living with the effects of a mental disorder (15 marks).
(ii) Identify one aspect of your own nursing practice - a behaviour, an attitude, or a skill - that requires some development for you to work collaboratively with a health care consumer who has experienced a mental disorder.
Discuss how you could develop this aspect of your own nursing practice (15 marks).
In part (ii) of the discussion you can use the first person, 'I', when you are discussing your own practice development; however, you must support this section of the discussion with references to relevant literature.
3. Conclusion and Referencing (Total 10 marks)
• Summarise the major findings of the discussion and form a conclusion.
• Adhere to the HARVARD UTS reference model for in-text references and the reference list.
25 Unsatisfactory
25 - 32 Pass
33 - 37 Credit
38 - 42 Distinction 43– 50 High Distinction

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2168 words including References


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