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This is a reflection essay for a sociology unit, I need an expert that has the best experience in essay writing as this assingment is 20%I have attached the assingment instructions and marking guidelines so please follow them as it is a step by step guide to get a good mark.I have also attached a few photos that I have chose for the reflection essayPlease be detailed in this reflection essay as it is a sociology unit.

Reflection essay (20%)
Word limit: 800 words
1. The objective of the reflection essay is to defamiliarise the familiar and to reveal the significance of the insignificant.
2. Listen to the lectures and complete the required readings from weeks 1-5. Pay attention to how sociologists study and analyse the ‘everyday’?
3. Identify a relevant everyday space that is familiar to you. It should be a physical space that you inhabit or frequent.
4. Write up fieldnotes: Describe the space – arrangement, objects, furnishing, etc. What can you see, hear, smell, etc. What’s the atmosphere? Who are the users? How is the space used? Keep the description to about 200 words.
5. Next analyse the space, objects and its users. How does the space structure activities and users? What practices are used to share the space? Are there explicit rules or norms? Are there unwritten rules?
6. Include a photo (and/or diagram) of the space in your essay.
7. You are not required to conduct further library research or include additional references. * For further guidance refer to the sample essay on self-check out counters. Please note that the essay was submitted for a different assessment task (it is longer and students had to apply some key concepts) and so you are not expected to provide a detailed analysis of the space.
Assessment Criteria Poor Developing Competent Good Excellent
Relevance of topic to the Sociology of everyday life (clear aim and focus)
Analysis & argument
(successfully linking analysis observation of everyday space with social issues and/or the sociology of everyday life)
Evidence of research use of relevant course readings
Writing: structure, expression, spelling, grammar
Referencing : Harvard (author-date) style In-text and Reference list

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