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Assignment 1 SPECIFICATIONS CIS8011_Digital Innovation

Assignment 1 (30%) (1500 words maximum)

This assignment continues on from the journals you produced earlier.

You are expected to write a thoroughly analysed report.
In the journal, we discussed a technology that is an alternative to the computer mouse. An Australian Organisation XYZ came to know about this technology and thought this technology would be suitable to their needs. The main reason for this thinking is that XYZ provides a lot of transcription services, and the employees use computer mouse extensively in their workplace. Recently, an audit of workplace safety indicated that many employees might be suffering with wrist related issues as a result of long term computer mouse use, as employees of XYZ are mature people in their late 50’s.

Note: for the purpose of this assignment, with the above scope, you make assumptions about XYZ (type of organisation, employee numbers, existing technology etc) and provide these assumptions as scope of your report.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of XYZ is interested in investigating the alternate mouse technology (airmouse) and its suitability to their organisation. XYZ has chosen you to investigate the suitability of airmouse to their organisation in terms of technology and integration.

The CIO is very interested to understand the specific digital innovation of airmouse and how this innovation would influence his current issue on hand, namely avoiding any possible risks due to long terms computer mouse usage.

Your task is to provide a comprehensive discussion as to how the digital innovation of airmouse would avoid wrist related injuries to people in an organisation and how this technology can be integrated in an organisation.

Following on from the previous journals, the CIO would like to see the following key elements investigated and reported in this report.

1. Specific innovation of the airmouse technology
2. Potential risks in using this technology for an organisation
3. How this technology can be ‘integrated’ in the organisation
4. In the long term, how the technology can be managed

Your scope is to identify various elements of strategic planning processes applicable to the chosen organisation (you will need to search very specific literature in this domain), and then discuss how the innovative processes and innovative technologies will impact the strategic planning processes.


For this assignment, you MUST use a plagiarism application to ensure that the assignment is plagiarismfree. Please note that the report generation can take time through TURNITIN and you are asked to submit your assignment through TURNITIN well in advance to avoid last minute delays. Normally, it is hard to put the percentage number correctly as it all depends on the actual report contents produced by the TRUNITIN application. As a general rule, less than 15% is acceptable. It is the student’s responsibility to have the report ready before the due date. (If you do not provide this you will lose marks)

Digital file naming convention
For all assessment items digital file naming convention: When you have an assessment item you need to upload digitally, please use the following naming convention when saving your digital document: (If you do not follow this you will lose marks)

Student last name_assignment #_CIS8011_Student USQ ID

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File format and submission
Only PDF format of the final report is to be submitted through EASE system only, available through UConnect. (All other modes of submission are inadequate and the assignment will be considered not submitted)